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Khell Studios is a software development business which provides unique and creative solutions in a large number of domains, and particularly the virtual studio technology (VST) industry.

Khell Studios

Currently, we are concerned in the development of a new technology which we call “interpreter platform”, in simple words, this technology imitates the feel of human performance of music. This interpreter platform is designed to support most recognized VST manufacturers in the market.

AltPitch 2.0.0 was released on July, 1st 2016, AtPitch is a perfect pitch quotient (PQ is a total score derived from several tests designed to assess human skills of pitch recognition).

Run one PQ test a day and dramatically improve your colour hearing skills (perfect pitch).

AltPitch 2.0, Buy, download, install, and activate

  1. Complete purchasing AltPitch by clicking the [Buy Now] button
  2. Click the link to download AltPitch setup
  3. Right click the downloaded file and extract to altpitch-setup
  4. Run the “setup.exe” file to install the application
  5. Run the AltPitch application
  6. Fill the activation form (can be found under help/activation) and make sure to enter the same email as you entered in the payment system

  7. AltPitch Activation Dialogue
    Activation Dialogue

    AltPitch Activation Dialogue
    Payment System

  8. Click on the [Submit Activation Request] button
  9. Our support will send you an activation key and instructions to complete the activation process

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